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and nice that you found weddies.
We are Viktoria and Florian, the founders and passionate developers of weddies.

How it all began

It all started with our own wedding. Our wedding day was full of intense emotions, unique moments and breathtaking impressions. We wanted to capture every single moment. And our wedding photographer and our guests did that diligently for us. But after the wedding, the question arose:

How do we get all our wedding photos now?

Of course, we received the photos from our wedding photographer without asking, but how were we supposed to get all the photos from our guests as easily as possible? And how do you then share them with all your guests so that you can enjoy these special moments again?
We were able to show our beautiful wedding album with the photo prints to our parents and friends who live nearby. But what about the friends and family who lived further away? Of course we didn’t want to send our album around by mail! Copy and burn all images onto DVDs? That would have cost us a lot of time and, above all, a lot of money. We longed for a simple solution and started searching the internet.

We built an online wedding album

Well, it’s just a shame that at the end of 2012 there was no one who could offer a solution to our problem. Luckily Florian is a software developer. So we quickly decided to program an online wedding album ourselves.
We and our guests were more than satisfied with this solution! Our guests were able to view all of our wedding pictures and we were happy about the many additional pictures that our guests took during the day and were able to easily send to us via the online album.

And then we shared with other brides and grooms

Happy with this simple solution, we decided not to keep this great opportunity for sharing pictures just for ourselves! We were sure that there are other brides and grooms who would be happy about the offer of an online wedding album.
So, get back to work! We reprogrammed the entire system so that other brides and grooms can also use it and gave the whole thing a name: weddies!

A simple solution that will delight you as much as we do

Since that day, we are happy about every single bride and groom who we can offer with weddies a simple solution for collecting and sharing wedding photos. Andyour loving and enthusiastic feedback make our hearts jump with joy every single time. Thank you very much for that!

We continue to develop weddies for you

And that’s exactly why we would like to continue to offer you weddies a simple and great way to share and collect your wedding photos and now also wedding videos. We are always developing weddies further for you and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Viktoria and Florian, from weddies

... This is our most beautiful wedding photo ♥ Thank you, dear © Rainer M. Hohnhaus !